Starting the Excel Add-in

Finding the Add-in

The Excel Add-in is usually on the extreme right of the Home tab


Click on the Canopy logo to start the Add-in

Logging In

First press the login button


Press the Login button

Canopy Add-in works on two types of credentials

  • Username/Password/OTP: These are your regular Canopy credentials
  • Token: If you have not been issued a separate username and password for Canopy (e.g. you login to Canopy via your Bank's website) then you can generate a secure token by going through the following steps
    (a) Login to Bank's website (e.g. Credit Suisse DPM) and go to Canopy
    (b) in Canopy go to menu option Excel Frontend (it is the last item in the menu on the left)
    (c) accept the message pop-up and then press 'Generate Token'
    (d) press Copy Token once it is generated (it will copy the token to your clipboard)
    (e) paste this token in the relevant cell of Canopy Excel-Addin
    (f) please remember that the token expires as soon as your Bank website goes into screen save mode (this is a security feature to make the account extra secure) so please remember to keep refreshing the bank Website and generate a fresh token whenever required

Choose your Canopy Server and Login method