Excel Add-in Menu Options


The menu options are designed to walk you through the Canopy Analytics Process


Various Menu Options appear once you login

Various Menu Options Appear. These are

  • Get Single Line Transactions: Retrieves the Single Line Transactions table for the user. Sample here
  • Get Consolidated Holdings: Retrieves the Consolidated Holdings table for the user. Sample here
  • Get Strategy Definitions: Retrieves the Strategy Definitions table for the user. Sample here
  • Create Strategy Definition: Configure a new Strategy Definition for your account
  • Delete Strategy Definition: Delete an existing Strategy Definition (and it's Strategy Records if any)
  • Calculate Strategy: Run the Canopy Analytics engine on any of the Strategies in the Strategy Definition table
  • Get Strategy Records: Retrieves the Strategy Records table for the user. Sample here
  • Generate Strategy Transactions: Look at the transactions that qualified under any of the Strategies
  • Generate Attribution Summary: One of the most important analysis in Canopy Analytics Generate Attribution Summary
  • Asset Allocation: Generates a time series of Asset Allocation based on various criterion
  • Reports: Generates specialized reports