What is Canopy

Financial Data Acquisition, Cleansing and Visualization

Our clients are wealth professionals

Canopy is a cloud based Financial Data Aggregation and Analytics platform. Our clients are Family Offices, Wealth Managers, Private Banks, Trustees and Self Directed Traders.

We currently report on more than USD 160bn in Assets across 325 custodians.

We solve our client's data problems

We offer three main types of services (and our customers can choose to take any or all of them). These are

  1. Data Acquisition and Aggregation: Our technology is able to extract data from any source. These include Datafeeds, APIs, PDF documents, other aggregators, paper, Excel, CSV, SWIFT etc.
  2. Data Cleansing and Standardization: Incoming financial data is enriched and then mapped to a single security master and transaction definition. Any bugs or inconsistencies in the data are also removed (see some of the typical bugs we find in Custodian Statements)
  3. Data Analytics, Visualization and Reporting Our sophisticated analytics and visualization engines allow you to slice, dice and analyze the data in almost infinite ways

Canopy Product and Services

Available as Software only or with Additional Services

Our services are offered in two formats

  1. Software as a Service: Canopy is a highly flexible cloud based platform. We are able to cater to a very wide variety of data processing and visualization requirements from our customers
  2. Optional data processing service: We are happy to provide a BPO style service for any clients who might want us to process their data for them

100% Open API driven

Every single bit of functionality in Canopy is accessible via our Open APIs. Please see our Postman Document for some sample APIs.

Signing up for Canopy

Please leave us a message on our public website. We would love to have you as a customer and join our rapidly growing community