Segregated Database

All your data sits in its own segregated database

Canopy cleans and standardizes each customers data and puts it in a separate PostgreSQL database. We create one such database for each one of our customers (whether a Wealth Advisor, Single Family Office, Fintech or a Self Directed Trader).

Customers can query this database by using the Excel Add-in

Advanced users can get direct read/write access to this database if they want. This allows them to utilize the full power of a PostgreSQL database. For example

  • Create their own tables and add data to them.
  • Join these user created tables with those created by Canopy
  • Connect your database to your other processes / other software
  • Program directly into your database (or connect your programs written in any language to this database)

The entire process is shown in the schematic diagram below


Canopy creates a separate database with all your data (you can get direct access if required)

This data can answer any question

All your data sits in this database. This database has multiple tables. All transactions are stored in the Single Line Transactions table. The Canopy Analytics engine calculates Asset Allocation, Performance, P&L, Volatility, VaR etc metrics on all the transactions in the Single Line Transactions table, automatically everyday.
However Canopy Analytics can also run on a sub-set of the transactions. This feature becomes very important when you want answer to questions like

  • How much money did i make on Basic Materials stocks?
  • Am I making money money on Equities or Bonds?
  • What are my unleveraged returns?
  • What is the realized yield on my entire bond portfolio after leverage?
  • Would I have made more money if I had invested it in the S&P500 instead of putting it in this Private Equity fund? etc.

These transactions can be combined in an infinite number of ways. For example, in case a customer wants to know their Technology exposure across various banks and Private Equity funds, only these specific technology transactions can be sent to the Canopy Analytics engine (and all metrics calculated)
Each such combination of transactions is called a Strategy


Your customer wants Technology Exposure and Profit across asset classes? No Problem we got that

External data can be added to the database

Data from external sources can be directly added to this database if required. Reports that blend this external data with that created by Canopy can be seamlessly created


Customer wants to blend in data from an external provider? No problem at all

Infinitely Configurable Calculations

Please read the next section to see how Canopy helps to slice and dice the data in infinite ways