Canopy UL 2.0


Typically the data extracted from the bank statements is processed further by other programs. Since each bank has a different format, there is a requirement for a standardized format to make processing from multiple banks easier.

To solve this use case, Canopy Extract also optionally delivers data in a standardized format called Canopy UL 2.0.

A Canopy UL 2.0 file contains upto 4 tabs, which are

  1. Transactions (required) - These will be uploaded into Engine
  2. Holdings (optional but preferred) - if provided Engine will reconcile closing positions in the various accounts against these
  3. Transaction Details (optional) - You can provide all the details in the Transaction tab itself if you want. This tab is provided for compatibility with some bank formats where Buy/Sell and Current Account Transactions are reported separately
  4. Historical Prices (optional)

A sample Canopy UL 2.0 file is enclosed here