Meta Data Analytics

Wisdom of Crowds

It has been demonstrated time and again that the collective opinion of a group of individuals, a.k.a wisdom of crowds is often is better than the opinion of a single expert. We humans, consciously or subconsciously, put a lot of emphasis on this collective opinion.

This collective opinion already influences a lot of our buying decisions. The music we listen to (Spotify Play Lists), the hotels we stay at (Trip Advisor Best Hotels), the movies we watch (Box Office Mojo) are often based on the wisdom of the crowd around us, even though we have no idea who these people are.

Walking down an unfamiliar street at lunchtime, we will tend to choose the more crowded restaurant, because we trust the opinion of the crowd. We often look at Wikipedia and Quora for answers even though we do not know any of the writers.

Unfortunately due to various reasons, such broad data set is usually not available in the financial markets.

Canopy Meta Data

Canopy, due to its data analytics and reporting activities, is able to share meta data that spans multiple customers. This meta data consists of the aggregate behavior of Canopy customers, showing buying and selling trends by Asset Class, Sub Asset Class, Industry Sector, Geography etc.

How to access Canopy Meta Data

Canopy Meta Data can be accessed in two ways

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