Installing the Excel Add-in

Works on Windows/Mac/Browser

The Excel Add-in on all of the following:

  • Excel on Windows Desktop
  • Excel on Mac Desktop
  • Excel on Web

A Microsoft 365 subscription (called Office 365 earlier) needed

You will need an active (Microsoft 365 subscription).

Canopy Excel Add-in will not work without an active Microsoft 365 subscription. Even if you have a regular desktop version of Excel which is otherwise working correctly, you will still need a Microsoft 365 subscription for the Canopy Excel Add-in to work

Excel Add-in available for free from the Microsoft Store

Canopy Excel Add-in is called 'Canopy Pro Trust' on Microsoft App Source Website

Installing on Windows

Windows InstallationWindows Installation

Windows Installation

Installing on Mac

Mac InstallationMac Installation

Mac Installation

Installing on Excel for Web

Excel for Web installationExcel for Web installation

Excel for Web installation

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