Best tool for the job

At Canopy our endeavor is to provide you with the analysis you want, in the format that works best for you. We also try and use the most efficient tool for creating these reports (so that we are able to deliver the best results at the lower possible cost for our customers)

There are three types of output we generate i.e.

  • Canopy 'Generate Report' feature
  • Tableau dashboards
  • Excel based reporting

Each type of output has its advantages, which are summarized in the table below

Output TypeDescriptionBest suited forDoesn't work well for
Canopy 'Generate Report' FeatureThis is our main report generation feature. It can be found under the Generate Reports menu option when you login to CanopyMulti-page reports in PDF or PPT, especially those involving simple graphics and tables that span more than one pageComplex graphics and tables of more than 10 columns
Tableau DashboardsWhile we prefer Tableau, any BI tool (e.g. Power BI, Qliksense) can be usedSingle page dashboards (esp. those involving complex graphics)Large tables that have more than 50 rows (causing them to break across a page)
Excel based ReportingAny report involving a lot of complex data is usually best presented in ExcelLarge tables e.g. financial statements, risk reports, details of explainer calculations etc.Complex charts, Presentations for end customers

Sample Reports

There are two types of reports

  • Standard Reports: These are available 'out of the box' with your Canopy subscription
  • Customized Reports: We are happy to create reports to meet any specific requirement. There is a manhour linked cost for them

Standard Reports

Report NamePurpose of this report / Report ContentsGenerate ReportsTableauExcel
Explainer in Excel'Explains' change of networth over any two dates. Includes a snapshot of holdings over these two dats and includes details of inflows, outflows, realized gains and losses for every securitySample Report
Financial Statementsincluding general ledger, trial balances, balance sheet and p&l etcSample Report

Customized Reports

Report NamePurpose of this report / Report ContentsGenerate ReportsTableauExcel

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