Canopy Analytics Process

Canopy Analytics Process has the following steps

  1. Create a Segregated Database for each Customer
  2. Upload Transactions to this database
  3. Run Infinitely Configurable Calculations on them
  4. Use Canopy Visualizer, High End Customized Reporting or Hyper Personalized Dashboards to visualize the results by reading the Tables in the Analytics Database

Canopy Analytics Process

Step 1: Create a Segregated Database for each Customer

Canopy always creates a Segregated Database for each customer (this is an inherent part of the setup process for a new customer) and no additional steps are required from you.

This database is usually in our secure cloud location(s). However we can support this database to be in a cloud location of your choice/belonging to you. You can also get full read/write access to the database if so desired.

Step 2: Upload Transactions

Our public confluence page has a very good summary and a video demo of how to load transactions into Canopy

Step 3: Run Infinitely Configurable Calculations

3.1 Define a Strategy

Each strategy has Strategy Type and a Strategy Name and the Strategy Type + Strategy Name combination is unique for each user. Each Strategy also has a unique Strategy ID (which is an integer).

Users can create any number of Strategy Types and Strategy Names. Some Strategy Types are 'reserved' and are automatically created by Canopy Analytics Engine for each account. These are

  1. by_entire_account: One is created for each parent account and covers all transactions in that account
  2. by_child_account: Covers all transactions in each child account
  3. by_user_asset_class: One is created for each asset class defined by the user in their account.
  4. by_canopy_asset_class: One is created for each Canopy Asset Class in the account
  5. by_security: One is created for the most important securities in each account

Each Strategy is automatically stored in the Strategy Definitions table

3.2 Run the analytics engine

This can be run either of

  • Strategy menu option in Visualizer
  • Run Strategy button in Excel Add-in

3.3 Store results of these calculations in the Segregated Database

This step is automatic. Canopy Analytics engine will store the calculation results in the Consolidated Holdings and Strategy Records table(s) every time you run a calculation

Step 4: Visualize the Results

Almost all data visualization you see in Canopy (e.g. High End Customized Reporting and Hyper Personalized Dashboards) do it by reading the database in the Tables in the Segregated Database