Canopy Use Cases

Wealth Manager needing an Analytics and Reporting System

Canopy helps wealth managers control the two parts of their business that directly touch their clients i.e.
(a) Ensure incoming data in any format can be processed and cleaned
(b) Highly personalized analysis and Reporting reporting can be done for clients


Analytics and Reporting from any kind of data format

Family Office needing holistic view of their Assets

A Family Office's financial picture can be quite complex. Canopy software helps to get a complete picture of their assets and liabilities to any level of complexity. Canopy works on two models
(a) Software Only
(b) Software + Data Upload and Consistency Check Services


Typical Family Office has Financial Assets and Real Estate held through a complex structure (with multiple beneficiaries)

Financial Analysis of any Asset Class

Canopy has best of breed Analytics to generate any type of analysis required
Please see our Hyper Personalized Dashboards and also the Canopy Analytics Process sections


Analytics of any level of sophistication

Extraction of Complex Tables from Bank Statements (in PDF)

A very proportion of Financial Data is available as PDF only. Canopy Extract software is able to handle tabular data of any level of complexity. (45 second demo below)

Financial Statements from Bank data in API or PDFs

Depending on our customer's requirements, we are able to convert the incoming Bank statements into a format that their accounting system will take as an input (this is typically a CSV file). If required, we can directly generate the Financial Statements (see sample Financial Statement)


Bank statments in PDF (or APIs where the bank is able to provide one) can be converted into Accounting Entries or complete Financial Statements