List of Automated Data Feeds

Financial institutions with direct data feed integrated with Canopy

Financial InstitutionPrivate ClientsExternal Asset Managers
Asset Vantage (US)YesYes
Anchorage (US)-Yes (API connection to get raw data)
Bank of America (US)Yes-
Bank of Singapore (SG, HK)YesYes
Bank J. Safra Sarasin (CH)-Yes (using a third party provider - Cofex, additional fees may apply)
Baumann & Cie Banquiers Basel (CH)Yes-
Barclays (IE)Yes-
BNP Paribas (CH)Yes-
Bordier & Cie (CH,SG)-Yes
Bitstamp (US)Yes (API connection to get raw data)Yes (API connection to get raw data)
Citibank^ (SG, HK, US, Jersey^, UK^)YesYes
Charles Schwab (US)-Yes (A third party program to get files)
CMB (MC)Yes-
Credit Agricole Indosuez (SG)-Yes
Credit Suisse (SG, HK)Yes (Client must sign up for a free Canopy Lite account with CS)Yes
Credit Suisse^ (CH, UK^)Yes
(PsN, API connection to get files)
(PsN, API connection to get files)
Cowen -Yes
Daiwa (SG)-Yes
DBS (SG)YesYes
Deutsche Bank (LU, CH)-Yes
Edmond de Rothschild (LU)Yes-
EFG (SG, HK & CH)-Yes
EFG (MC)Yes-
Fidelity (US)-WIP
Globalance Bank (CH)-Yes
Goldman Sachs^ (SG, HK, DE, US, UK^, LU, CH)YesYes
Helvetische Bank (CH)-Yes
iFast (HK, SG)-Yes
Interactive Brokers (US, HK, Ireland, SG, LLC,CH, AUS, CA)YesYes
Intesa San Paolo (IT)Yes-
JP Morgan (SG, HK, US, CH)Yes-
Julius Baer (SG, HK)-Yes
Julius Baer (CH)Yes-
LGT (SG, HK)-Yes
Luzerner Kantonalbank (CH)-Yes
Lombard Odier^ (CH, UK^, SG)YesYes
Merrill Lynch (US)-Yes
Morgan Stanley (US)-Yes
Neue Bank (LI)-Yes
Northern Trust (UK)WIP-
Pictet^ (SG, CH, UK^)YesYes
Oddo BHF (CH)Yes-
PCR Insights-Yes
Rothschild & Co (CH)-Yes
Saxo Bank (SG)YesYes
SEBA/ Amina (CH)-Yes
Standard Chartered (SG)WIP-
Swissquote (SG)-WIP (API connection)
SYZ (CH)YesYes
Thurgauer Kantonalbank (CH)Yes-
Union Bancaire Privée (HK, CH, MC)-Yes
(UBS AssetLink)
(UBS AssetLink)
UBS (SG, HK)Yes (additional fees may apply)
(UBS AssetLink)
(UBS AssetLink)
UBS (JE)-WIP (datafeed connection only available by late 2024)
UOB KayHian (SG)-Yes
Van Lanschot (CH)-Yes
Vontobel (SG,CH)-Yes
Zurcher Kantonalbank (CH)Yes-

In addition, Canopy has more than 12,000 data feeds for North American, South American and German Financial Institutions available through affiliates. Drop us an email at [email protected] to request for the full list of custodians.

^ Financial Institutions in these locations will require more time to set up the datafeed connection.