Typical Total Cost of Ownership

Canopy cost varies by client type and the number of services you sign up for. However on average the total cost of ownership is as follows:

Client TypeTypical Total Cost of Ownership
(including Software and usually ordered Services)
Private IndividualUSD 20-22k per annum
Single Family OfficesUSD 20-22k per annum
Wealth Managers with less than 10 clientsUSD 30-32k per annum
Wealth Managers with 10-25 clientsUSD 40-45k per annum
Wealth Managers with 25+ clientsUSD 65k per annum

Detailed Pricing Sheet

Detailed Pricing Sheet can be downloaded here.

There are bulk discounts available for Banks offering Canopy to their clients.

Please leave us a message on our public website for any questions or clarifications on pricing or any of the features.

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